• Skaapbraai takes no responsibility for any loss, damage of property or injury to persons with use of the Skaapbraai's equipment.
  • All equipment should be safely tied down during transportation.
  • The rotisserie shaft should always be balanced prior to usage.
  • The rotisserie shaft can handle a maximum carcass weight of 27kg to function correctly without damage.
  • The deposit will be returned once all equipment has been returned clean. 
  • Equipment returned uncleaned will be subject to a cleaning surcharge.  
  • The equipment should be returned the following business day no later than 17h00. 
  • The equipment is subject to additional fees should it be returned late.
  • The renter should please collect the braai.
    Skaap Braai will thus inform the renter of effectively methods to mount and run the rotisserie to achieve the best braai results from the equipment.
  • Equipment is not insured, the renter takes full responsability for the equipment whilst in being rented.
  • The client accepts all responsability for payment of the braai, outstanding balances and accepts all responsability for the payment of any loss and damage tot he equipment.

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